It’s all about the FROZEN cheesecake bites

I love the way Australians eat- they have always been so ahead of the food trends- let me just say that my cousins in Australia were using quinoa, kale, and coconut oil way before I ever did!  I found this quirky little video for frozen cheesecake bites on YouTube and I wasn't surprised to learn it came from an Australian site. These delicious chocolate cheesecake bites are made using just a few staple ingredients including Greek yogurt and coconut oil. They are super-easy to prepare, delicious, and after you watch the video you'll find yourself thinking: "This makes perfect sense". My kind of recipe…Perfect for shavuot or simply for summer!! Keep them in your freezer to have on hand all summer long- they make the perfect snack.

P.S.  Try sticking lollipop sticks in them before freezing to make frozen cheesecake lollipops!